RF Systems

Wireless cameras have become an essential part of the production toolbox due to their go-anywhere ability, high picture quality, robust signal reception and flexibility. Whether a camera is needed to work in a remote location, where cabling is not possible, or in a busy environment where cabled cameras would not be safe, wireless cameras can assist in bring the action closer and a production to life.

We supply the complete package of RF wireless coverage (any range (km or miles)), from our focus on strong client service, to frequency management/booking anywhere in the region. Our equipment is tailored to the specific task and needs of our clients with a variety of Gigawave and Vislink providing 4k and HD resolution, supported by access to technical support and our extensive range of equipment. We are totally flexible to the needs of our clients whether it is a single antenna or a large scale engineered project like sports events, opening and closing ceremonies, news and other light entertainment events.